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March 8th, 2024 20:02

X15 R2, aftermarket fan options?

I bought this laptop for almost 2.5K and have had it for about a year and it has been nothing but fan problems. As of January 4th I am out of warranty and just had the fans replaced in November. The exact same thing is happening again and my fans acting up grinding, clicking, screeching, you know not what you want from a fan. My laptop moved one time since the repair and remains stationary on performance mode. The parts are now 17 days past the 3 month warranty   and now they want me to pay to fix this problem that obviously should have been a recall so instead of giving dell another penny I want to fix it better and remember for future reference this company sells garbage components. So if anyone can point me in a direction of fans that will make this problem stop for good I'm all ears! well eyes but. Help Plz!

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March 8th, 2024 22:25

There are no aftermarket options -- only the OEM ones will fit and work properly.

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