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March 19th, 2024 02:25

x17 R2, BIOS updated, now my RTX 3060 not working right

I now sure anyone can help but worth to ask.

I had issue with my SSD so I upgraded the SSD and clone my old one on to it. everything was fine i notics a few in OS so I did clean recover everything working fine. it ask me to update updated my laptop bios in Which I did.

Everything look fine and pass all on borad testing.  But I can't play any games anymore unless I disable RXT.

If I open overwatch it work fine for 10 sce then fps will slow drop and say at 20 FPS. I been playing with the setting and can get it to 60 fps if I low so low I will work. Screen at 800x800 or so

I tryed reinstall 6 time so far (4 alienware recovery and 2 windows last one was cloud)

I rolled back bios few time I cant role back to March 22. bitlocker dont like it 

I tryed different drives and clean install.

I reinstall the old SSD as they work fine just not enough space. Get the same issues 

My only thought is that the RTX is gone boom.

I can see the GPU working and everything look normal just that FPS it unplayable helldrivers is 5 FPS on all low setting. If I turn the RTX to disable I get 30 FPS. 

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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March 22nd, 2024 16:56

Hi stupple90 There is Laptop BIOS update instructions that says do not update BIOS version. Advocate that if software asks for new BIOS version to give extra features that you want, it is essential to create clone (copy) of OS(C:) boot drive before undertaking update of BIOS version. Use Macrium Reflect 64-bit FREE Edition clone software or similar. PC 101 says always create clone, so if OS(C:) boot drive becomes unrecoverable or damaged, swap in clone within minutes to get PC working again.  

If no clone, try windows 11 Automatic Repair solution, example at, or similar. 


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March 23rd, 2024 00:07

@crimsom, yeah, I saw that after. I have never had an issue with updating my bios before. I only updated my bios after I did a clean install, and it asked me to do it.

I have done all that. I am using a USB to install my Windows. It is not software. By the look of it, I am going to send it off. It stuck because my warranty ran out six months ago, and they want £500 for a year's cover.

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