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July 25th, 2023 13:00

Proxy does not present client´s datastore "datastore nfs"

When performing a backup I get the following error "Proxy does not present client's datastore "nfs name".
In the Isilon NFS protocols configuration I added the ip of the proxy as client, but I don't know where else I have to configure the proxy to see the NFS presented to Vmware 6.7. We have a vmware 6.7 and we have a datastore presented as NFS 3.0 direct to an isilon.

Thank you very much for the help




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July 26th, 2023 10:00

Hi @Matias.A ,

In Avamar AUI- Assets- select the proxy (often is under Clients)- select "Edit Client"- then go to the VMware tab at the top- this is where you can edit which datastores will be used by this proxy.

(see screenshots below)

Remember to do this for each proxy.








I hope this helps.


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July 31st, 2023 06:00

Hello, thank you for your help

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