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November 20th, 2023 19:10

Chrome OS missing or damaged 11-3100

We have 325 Dell Chromebooks 11-3100 models. I have had to reset ChromeOS on 5 today and probably 5 last week. Initially I thought someone was Power Washing other students' devices when they weren't looking, but the 5 today were all from different classes. I just got another one, so that's 6 today. These Chromebooks were enrolled early August, 2022, so they're not old. I've not had this be an issue before on such an new device. Has anyone else experienced ChromeOS missing or damaged issues on these Chromebooks? 

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21-11-2023 17:37 PM

We had about 15 devices in 1 classroom exhibit this behavior this morning; teacher says the devices were manually updated, and then rebooted to the OS missing or damaged message.  We couldn't reproduce the issue.

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