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February 5th, 2024 23:31

EnterprisePlus vs EnterpriseValue

I currently have the following 2 drives


Seagate ST4000NM0025

3.5in 4TB 7.2K 12Gbps SAS Hard Drive

firmware: DE07

One drive shows up with driveLine Attribute in CLI with EnterprisePlus

One drive shows up with driveLine Attribute in CLI with EnterpriseValue

drives were inserted into SC200 that was hooked up to SC8000 ( SCOS 6.5.3 ) controller

also tried hooking the SC200 to SCV4020 ( SCOS 7.1.4 )

so far the only difference we can tell between the drives is DOM - date of manufacturing. it seems we have found that all these drives with a DOM of Jan 7 2017 and older will come up with EnterpriseValue and any drive newer such as Nov 7 2017 comes up as EnterprisePlus. I was able to confirm this by testing about ~80 drives with DOM's Jan 7 2017 and older, but I have only been able to test about 3 drives with DOM of Nov 2017. I also found 2 drives with DOM of Jun 2018 that come up as EnterprisePlus but their firmware is DE05, which is older then DE07. 

more information can be provided if needed but is this a manufacturing error? is there some CBD on the drive that is messing this DriveLine value up? The drives are used and from unknown origin, but i still dont understand how they can have everything the same and still have different DriveLine attributes. 



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February 6th, 2024 07:35



This isn't manufacturing error. The Dell technical support did also have some issue with the drive replacement for customers, but in fact after a deep dive investigation, found out that there is a need to look more into the drive's DPN# and also the drive type number in our internal tools. Hence, before purchasing a replacement drive with the same DPN#, you may need to find out the driveline attr, which you now have, EnterprisePlus. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to update the firmware to force it to change driveline information. 

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February 6th, 2024 15:35

@DELL-Joey C​ so your internal tools are able to see the DriveLine attribute without plugging a drive into a system? 



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February 6th, 2024 18:33



While we can see the driveline attribute internally, that isn't the key to the issue. When we sell a drive, even though it is hardware compatible between the different systems (Compellent or EQL) they aren't firmware compatible between systems, when we sell/send a replacement drive it is then that the firmware is applied to the drive. As far as driveline levels, it isn't an issue seeing that the drives are supported in the device, or they wouldn't be seen at all.

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February 6th, 2024 19:43

@Dell -Charles R​ Thank you for the answer that does help a little, to clarify i was not looking to be able to tell EQL from CML that I do understand it firmware based. I have a rough list of firmwares that i know work with Compellent and firmwares that work with Equallogic. Where my actual question was coming from is that i had a Compellent system popping errors in the log with the one drive stating the "EnterpriseValue" is not supported, while the other drive did not have any issues. Having one drive pop errors while the other didn't, was confusing especially because the drives were similar down to their firmware. 

thank you for the time and the help. 

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