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January 19th, 2024 11:24


help, I bought the sc4020 server and there is the data of the old user, I do not know the password and login, what should I do in this situation. I do not know any data



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January 19th, 2024 17:00


As Dell Technical Support, we advise you to reset the system to factory settings. This process will erase all data and configurations, including the previous user's credentials. Before proceeding, ensure you have a backup of any data you wish to keep. For detailed instructions on factory resetting your Dell SC4020, please refer to the system's manual or contact Dell Support directly for guided assistance. Remember, factory resetting will remove all existing data and configurations.


January 26th, 2024 08:16

@DELL-Marco B
 how to reset the system to factory settings, please send instructions




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January 26th, 2024 17:32

To do this you have to reinstall operative system

How to Install the Operating System on a Dell PowerEdge Server | Dell US

February 1st, 2024 09:19

@DELL-Marco B​   

It looks like you sent the wrong instructions. I have a sc4020 server. How do I reset my password on the sc4020 server




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February 1st, 2024 14:48

The information I sent you is to reinstall OS. 
I suppose that the password you want to reset is the Windows password. If you don't know the login password you cannot reset the Windows login password.

You have to reinstall the OS if you want to recreate the login account.


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