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October 27th, 2023 12:58

FLOGI quiesce timeout best practices


Customer to our SAN infra is requesting to alter the FLOGI quiesce timeout from 2000 to 0 ms (current default value = 0 ms when running > 8.3(1) code) on MDS 9710 SAN switches. 

I did mange to find out that  FLOGI quiesce timeout did change from default 2000 ms  (introduced 8.1(1))  to 0 ms starting 8.3(1).  In one environment the settings are 0 ms (the default) and in another environment it is 2000 ms. I suppose the 2000 ms setting survived the MDS microcode upgrades and it will not change until specifically set by command.

Now IBM is pointing to a document attached  

The recommendation is disable FLOGI scale optimization and configure FLOGI quiesce timeout to the default 0 ms.

Reading in the mentioned IBM document concerning flapping port it feels like setting a > zero value for Flogi quiesce is a good thing to do.

So question : Besides default value , any remarks on Flogi quiesce settings, some best practices available ?  

FLOGI quiesce timeout» interaction with LPM

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