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September 20th, 2016 13:00

MDS migration question


This is the first migration i have had to do, right now we have 9148's and moving these to new 9706's.  We have a port channel that consists of 4 4GB fiber links from our ONS.  Our plan was to use 2 of these links and move them to the 9706 and get rid of the ISL.  When we create the new port channel on the 9706 should we use the same port channel number?

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September 20th, 2016 14:00

i like to keep port-channel numbers the same, so it's easy to identify them on the other switch.

September 20th, 2016 18:00

Thanks for the reply, I was not sure since the 9148's will be around for another month or 2 if we could still use the same port channel number.

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