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September 30th, 2022 08:00

SAN Nav Database Username to use Auto Enclosure Script



maybe someone else had that too, i have the Problem that a lot of my host ports are created into 2 Hosts instead of one which leads to Path Errors in the Dashboard. So i want to turn of the Auto Enclosure Feature, but i cant find the Username for the Database, the Standard Password i can find and i can change it too but i cant find anywhere the username.

Someone knows which one they used?



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October 2nd, 2022 23:00

Hi Martin,

Did you try the standard db username used in the old CMCNE / BNA?

username: dcmadmin

that looks to be the working one.

Depending on the version of SANnav, you might run into a defect, have a look at:

Dell EMC Knowledge Article 000184269 : Connectrix Brocade B-Series SANnav: script fails despite using the correct credentials
000184269 :



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October 5th, 2022 02:00

Yeah thats the right one, can´t find it in the SAN Nav Documentation. The other one was not the Problem as i´m on the latest Version. Hopefully i find a smart Solution for my Host Problem so i´m no needed to create them all by Hand

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October 11th, 2022 22:00


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