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June 25th, 2024 04:05

Broken Headphones

I have a pair of Alienware headphones (Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Headset AW920H), which have recently broken, due to a snapped piece of plastic, leading to one of the earmuffs(?) being able to rotate inwards almost completely, which leads to an uncomfortable experience trying to keep them on. As these are headphones, i have no service tag or express ID, but I do have the invoice. who/where should I go to to try and claim the warranty? thanks. (I've already tried DM'ing DELL-CARES, but I seem to be unable to)

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June 25th, 2024 05:21

Until you receive help from Dell Care agent, you can try to submit help ticket through this process:

Click on this link for Electronics forum page.

Click on the blue Get Help Now button on lower right screen.

Enter your email when requested.

- Next provide the Order Number (found on the invoice for headphones).

Attach a copy of the invoice (image or PDF) in order to validate the purchase information.

- Briefly explain the issue with your headphone, you should get an agent assigned to assist you.

Note that broken as in physical damage is considered wear and tear.  Verify with products warranty terms in your region to see if it will be covered under warranty.

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