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05-06-2015 15:00 PM

Dell support scam

I just received a phone call from 107-421-9409 on my landline. This caller, a male with an East Indian accent, knew my name, phone number, model number of my computer,service tag number and the month and year I bought my computer.  He told me that my computer was being hacked and that the dell servers were receiving messages from my computer and telling them that I had multiple IP addresses and that my network was being hacked.  He had me type eventvwr into my command lilne and then attempted to convince me that those events marked with a red exclamation point were proof of my problem. When I asked too many questions, the caller hung up on me. How did they gain access to such secure information from Dell? This is very concerning.

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05-06-2015 17:00 PM

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, and was just looking for more information regarding this.  He told me he was "Tier 3 Dell Support" and knew the model number of my computer, my personal info, etc.  

What is Dell  doing to safeguard our personal information, and why haven't they addressed this and sent out notifications to their customers?

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05-06-2015 20:00 PM

Our Customer Care Liaison (DELL-Lorna M) responded to this same issue on this thread. Follow the advice she posted.