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February 26th, 2024 22:04

missed appointments , no compensation , still faulty

Case <Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin>

Case <Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin>

Report mousepad fault before xmas, takes over 40 days several emails finally engineer appointment. arrange day off 9pm on night dell cancel lose days work. Dell reschedule, take day off 10am on the day they cancel, another days work lost. finally turn up change pad , total 3 days lost work , told will not compensate. approx 1 month later exact same fault, ring dell they send appointment which is i then changed & confirmed for my work address 8am -1pm. On morning they change to 10am -2 pm.

2pm engineer rings he,s at my home address ??????? contact dell no apologies makes excuse about not being able to change appointment for home but did arrange engineer appointment for work address that day . another day wasted & still faulty machine. Disgusted by treatment & lack of customer care.

No apologies other than from engineer & no offers to compensate, have no faith in product anymore , will warrenty be extended ???

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