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February 23rd, 2024 20:14

Urgent Resolution Required: Unfulfilled Promotional Offer and Subsequent Mismanagement

I am reaching out to express my significant dissatisfaction and seek immediate resolution regarding a series of unfulfilled promises and mismanagement by Dell, related to a promotional offer that was explicitly confirmed before my purchase. This matter has been ongoing for over a year, with multiple assurances given but not honored, culminating in the issuance of an expired promotional eGift Card, and contradictory explanations regarding my eligibility for the offer.


Order Details:

<Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin>

- Purchase Date: October 13, 2022


Chronology of Events and Corresponding Chat IDs:


  1. **Pre-Purchase Confirmation**: Before finalizing my purchase, I engaged in a detailed conversation with a Dell customer service representative to confirm the inclusion of a $100 Dell Promo eGift Card with my order. This conversation was pivotal in my decision to proceed with the purchase. (Chat ID: 03792767)


  1. **Follow-up and Assurances**: Over the subsequent months, I reached out to Dell's customer service multiple times regarding the non-receipt of the promised eGift Card. Each interaction ended with reassurances that the issue would be resolved, and the eGift Card would be dispatched. (Chat IDs: 04167841, 04411290, 04430040, 04456300, 04512827)


  1. **Issuance of an Expired eGift Card**: After persistent follow-ups, I was finally issued an eGift Card(6035 7103 6320 0092 578 ), only to discover it had an expiration date set five years prior to its issuance, rendering it completely unusable. This not only failed to resolve the issue but also added to the frustration and inconvenience. (Chat ID: 04973805)


  1. **Inconsistent Explanations**: Seeking clarification and resolution for the expired eGift Card, I was met with inconsistent and perplexing explanations. Initially, it was suggested that the issuance of the expired card was an error. Later, I was informed that I was classified as a reseller, contradicting the initial pre-purchase assurances and the fact that I was charged sales tax, which is inconsistent with reseller transactions. (Chat ID: 04973830)


This series of events not only signifies a failure to honor a promotional commitment but also highlights serious lapses in Dell's customer service and internal communication. The lack of accountability and transparency in handling this matter is deeply concerning.


I am seeking a prompt and fair resolution to this issue, which includes the issuance of a valid $100 Dell Promo eGift Card as initially promised, and a thorough explanation for the mismanagement and inconsistencies that have characterized my experience.


I trust that Dell values its customers and their satisfaction and will take immediate and effective steps to rectify this situation. I look forward to your prompt response and a resolution to this matter.



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February 23rd, 2024 21:15



Thank you for writing to us here about the ongoing issue with the gift card. I've read the case comments from the time this all started and the numerous conversations that you had been having in this case with the teams.


The gift card information quoted by the sales is correct as long as the order is for a Consumer account. 


As per the information that is on file concerning your information the account has been categorized not as a Consumer account. As per the gift card T&C, no gift card can be issued to a non-Consumer account.


The gift card that you say had an expiration before 5 years of its being issued was an error. 


The gift cards have declined the request for a gift card in this case due to the category of the account and there cannot be any exceptions made in this case.


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February 23rd, 2024 21:37

Thank you for your response and for reviewing the extensive history of my case.

While I appreciate your effort to understand the situation, there are critical points that remain unaddressed, leading to my continued dissatisfaction and concern over Dell's handling of this matter.

1. **Pre-Purchase Confirmation**: Prior to my purchase, I explicitly inquired with your sales team regarding the eligibility for the promotional $100 eGift Card offer. I was assured that I would indeed be eligible for this offer, which significantly influenced my decision to proceed with the purchase. This assurance was provided without any indication that my account classification would render me ineligible. I seek clarification on why this misinformation was provided at such a crucial decision-making point.

2. **Misleading Information and Resulting Losses**: The assurance of receiving a promotional eGift Card, which was later retracted, has led to tangible losses on my part, both in terms of time and the missed opportunity to make an informed purchase decision. How does Dell intend to address and compensate for the inconvenience and losses incurred due to this misleading information?

3. **Sales Tax on Non-Consumer Account**: If my account has been categorized as non-consumer, it raises the question of why I was charged sales tax on my purchase. Typically, reseller or non-consumer accounts are not subject to sales tax in the same manner as consumer accounts. This inconsistency in how my account has been treated further complicates the situation and warrants a detailed explanation.

4. **Issuance of an Expired eGift Card**: The issuance of an eGift Card that had expired five years prior to its issuance is perplexing and unacceptable. This action not only failed to resolve the initial issue but also added to the confusion and frustration. What was the purpose behind issuing an expired eGift Card, and how does Dell plan to rectify this error?

The handling of this case has not only been inconsistent but also contradictory, leading to a significant erosion of trust in Dell's commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity. I urge Dell to take immediate and effective steps to provide a clear explanation for these discrepancies and to offer a fair resolution for the inconvenience and losses I have experienced. I look forward to a prompt and constructive response. Sincerely,

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February 24th, 2024 06:09

Additionally, I would like to highlight a crucial aspect of my interactions with Dell's customer service that further underscores the inconsistency and oversight in handling my case. For each communication with your customer service team, including the initial pre-purchase inquiry and subsequent discussions regarding the eGift Card, I was logged into my Dell account. This protocol ensured that the representatives were fully aware of my account details and its classification during our conversations.


This clearly indicates that your customer service representatives, being fully aware of my account details throughout our interactions from pre-sale inquiries to post-sale follow-ups, repeatedly affirmed my eligibility for the promotional eGift Card. This was further evidenced by the issuance of an expired eGift Card, which, despite its invalidity, underscores the acknowledgment of my entitlement to such a promotion. The chat transcripts, which were sent to my registered email address based on my account login, stand as a testament to the comprehensive understanding your team had regarding my account status throughout our entire communication history.

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