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July 12th, 2019 07:00

Discrepancies between "new" and "classic" DPA GUI

Has anyone else noticed the following discrepancies between the "newer" version of the DPA UI and the "classic" UI option? Trying to figure out if it is unique to the environment I am working in. 1) In the "newer" version of the DPA UI, there is no menu option for creating/adding a new dashboard under Dashboard - but that option is present in the "classic" UI. Also, if you use the classic UI to create/add a new dashboard under Dashboard, that dashboard will show up if you go back to the newer UI. 2) Similarly, in the "newer" version of the DPA UI, there is no Edit Dashboard menu option under the Dashboard section - but again, that option is present in the "classic" UI. 3) Relative to #2, in the "newer" version of the DPA UI, I am seeing different dashboard formatting from the dashboard template design when a created dashboard is displayed under the Dashboard window; in the classic UI, the formatting under the Dashboard window is the same as the formatting displayed for a created dashboard under the Dashboard window. And because the formatting is correct under the classic UI, there is no need to use the Edit Dashboard option that is present under the classic UI. Anyone else seeing this, or any other "features" where the newer UI is different from the classic UI?

(FYI - DPA version is 18.2.0 patch 5)


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August 10th, 2019 01:00

Yes, I have the same issue. Unfortunately I' haven't found this solution until I've read your message. Thanks for your help.

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