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16-02-2015 14:00 PM

Capacity increase for DD2200

We are looking at purchasing a DD2200 with the 7 drive configuration - 7.5 TB of usable storage. This will take care of our backup needs for the foreseeable future but if we need more space, can the storage be increased by adding 5 more drives to equal the 12 drive configuration?

Or does one have to buy the 12 drive configuration to start with?

Thanks much,


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16-02-2015 23:00 PM

Hi there,

Yes you can buy half then upgrade but you get less overall capacity than you would buying the full shelf as there will be two RAID groups.

I just worked out the useable capacity recently:

Half: 6.84TB


Half to full: 12.06TB

This is using the Base 2 calculation (1024)

Hope this helps.


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06-04-2016 04:00 AM


is it possible to reach the Full capacity with an DD2200 7Disk + 5 Disk Upgrade when I configure it first time or when it was running?

Destroying the filesystem would be no problem