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August 2nd, 2020 07:00

AHCI not on A10 BIOS

I have this current configuration;

Inspiron 620

Motherboard: 0GDG8Y 

CPU: Intel Core i5 2320 @ 3.00Ghz 

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit


I have done some upgrading since first bought this PC. Put in a NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card, 2TB Seagate HDD, RAM to 16gb and just put in a 1TB Samsung SSD

The last upgrade is the one causing me a bit of a headache.

I have read to prolong the life of the SSD one should change to AHCI from IDE, where lies the problem. Nowhere can I find solution to this.

The BIOS A10 does not have an option to change using the UEFI Firmware configuration anywhere to be seen, I have tried all the 'F2', 'Fn+F2', 'Del' and 'Esc' routes on boot up to see if any reward anything different but alas no joy. Have also done the 'Alt+F1', 'Ctrl+F1' and 'Shift+F1' as suggested on sites claiming to be able to reveal 'hidden BIOS menus'.

I am drawing to the conclusion that I should flash the BIOS with a version that has the UEFI Firmware feature, but this fills me with dread as this is such a drastic step to take. Plus my research has me finding no appropriate BIOS that has this feature to use with my PC configuration.

Any solutions here would be gratefully received.


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