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December 21st, 2023 19:25

DELL OME Inband Discovered devices health status not updating.

Hi, Im writing because Im trying OME 4.0 (Have tried 3.x also) and I can discover Windows devices using SSH, but those devices wont update their health status. If a HDD fails for example, OME wont alert me or change the health status on the device. 
If I discover the same device using iDRAC, then monitoring seems to work just fine. 

I really wanted to use SSH for discovery since my DRACs are on a different network and routing would be complex, can you please help? 



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December 22nd, 2023 03:51

I would say check if iSM is installed,
OS will not be able to communicate with iDRAC without iSM.
Wish you happy holidays :)


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