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October 2nd, 2023 14:20

SNMPv3 support


We run an OpenManage Enteprise in our client platform.

The instance is running on 3.10.2 Build 13

Recently, we add two Dell switches, models S4128T.

For security reasons, we want to monitor them and need to use SNMPv3 version to these devices.

In OpenManage console, we cannot add the new network devices, due to unavailable SNMP version 3 (see the capture).

Can you indicate when the last version of SNMP protocol will be supported on OpenManage ?
Thank you in advance.



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October 2nd, 2023 19:46

Upon researching it would appear you are correct, despite the guide stating otherwise. It does look to be in the works to be added, but I can't be certain which of the upcoming OME releases will have it, or when it will be released.
Let me know if this helps.
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