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October 30th, 2023 06:54

Two of my devices give me a warning message even though everything looks fine.

I get a warning message on both of my devices even though everything is in order. What could be the reason for this? When I examine the devices, these are the things I noticed, could these be the reason? 

1. My device 

 Dell PowerEdge 7625 

My Configuration Inventory does not show Disk.Bay.4, which I replaced after the disk failure. Whereas everything is normal and healthy. However, "I can't find the cause of the warning in the health status. or is there something wrong.

2.My device

Dell PowerEdge R630

On this device, in the Disk 4 slot, the disk was yellow and then green. It was giving a predicted disk failure error. I did all the Updates but since it still gave the same message, I changed the disk and the estimated disk failure error disappeared. However, in the Health Status, the disk still gives a Warning message even though the disk is fine

Although the disk I replaced is intact, there is still a "warning message" in the Status section of the physical disk partition

Also, I don't see any configuration inventory on this device. I run the configuration inventory and everything works fine, I see the complete text but I can't see the configuration inventory from inside the device. 

What could be the reason for the warnings on these devices? 



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October 30th, 2023 13:11


I suggest on both servers to perform an iDRAC reset because it seems that there are some error in the reporting.

Also please check iDRAC and BIOS updates.


How to Reset the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) | Dell US



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October 31st, 2023 12:49

Problem solved for Dell 7625. Thank you for your help. Dell PowerEdge R630 for some reason there is still a warning in the storage even though I reset the idemp. 
Thanks for the support.



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31-10-2023 15:29 PM

For this i suggest you to update driver/firmware of perc and reset idrac again

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