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December 19th, 2022 09:00

Check alerts via SSH

Hello everyone!

We need to know if there is any command similar to the "alerts show current" of the Data Domain but to apply it to an ECS node.


This with the purpose of automating queries from Nagios to this ECS device via SSH.

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April 24th, 2023 00:00

You may use the below API to get the alerts from ECS using the tool svc_rest_cmd

svc_rest_cmd /vdc/alerts

You may run the above command from any ECS node and it will list all alerts.

Another tool available in recent xdoctor (current version as of 24th APril 2023 is Xdoctor 4.8-90.1) is svc_alert.

admin@ecsnode1:~>  svc_alerts -h
usage: svc_alerts [-v] [-h] [-xh] {list,summary,clear,test,mail,mail_kpi,snmp_kpi,mail_hc} ...

svc_alerts v1.0.29

positional arguments:
  {list,summary,clear,test,mail,mail_kpi,snmp_kpi,mail_hc}  sub-command help
    list                                                    List latest alerts
    summary                                                 Display a summary of alerts only
    clear                                                   Clear unacknowledged alerts
    test                                                    Create a test alert
    mail                                                    Check for alerts and generate an email notification if found
    mail_kpi                                                Generate an email notification for KPI details
    snmp_kpi                                                Generate an snmp alert for KPI details
    mail_hc                                                 Generate an email notificaiton for commands in the file

optional arguments:
  -v, --version                                             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help                                                show this help message and exit

Global Options (Not Shown):
  -xh                                                       Display all help including global options (REST options, global dtquery options,
                                                            MACHINES file usage, etc)




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December 20th, 2022 06:00


Thanks for your question.  I don’t see any documentation on a command like that. Here is the rest api guide and here is the rest of the documentation.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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April 25th, 2023 07:00

Hello Sooraj!!

Thank you very much for the information, that is of great help to me.

Finally, do you know if there is a similar command to obtain the status of the capacity in use?

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