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December 3rd, 2023 13:01

Charger turns off as soon as I plug it in to the laptop

the charger turns off as soon as I plug it in to the laptop. I had this issue, i got it fixed, brought it back home and within thirty minutes of usage, the issue started again. 

The representative involved in fixing this told me there is some kind of reverse current which due to a short in the mother board. 

I read, a few other people had the same issue on this community. The power goes off but we leave the charger plugged in, as soon as the power is back the laptop isn't getting charged. The laptop works fine, the charger works fine. But when I plug in the charger to the laptop, the indicator on the charger goes off and doesn't charge the laptop. 

I'm taking it back to authorised service centre to get it fixed. What would you recommend so that i wouldn't have to face the issue again? 

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December 3rd, 2023 13:32

It's either a short in the jack, or a bad system board.  Hopefully it's the former, not the latter -- or that the system is under warranty. If it is not, the cost to replace a board will easily exceed 50% of the purchase price of the system.

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December 3rd, 2023 17:13

@ejn63 is spot on with his advice. If you want a little insight into causes try this YouTube video. Graham has a lot of experience diagnosing and repairing MBs that show this exact same problem. But the repair is not for the faint hearted as it takes extreme electronic knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair.

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