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November 20th, 2023 21:15

Dell G315 3590 - Critical Error Message


Recently, my GPU fan stopped working and I unplugged the GPU fan cable since the fan was not working. However, I encountered a critical error message ("The Video Fan failed to respond correctly") when I turned on my computer. 

I selected "Continue on Warnings and Errors" option on BIOS (POST Behavior/Warnings and Errors). But my laptop still does not continue on errors.

How can I bypass this critical error message? If it can be done with bios editing, I can do bios editing as well.

Note: I use my PC heavily on browser tasks. So, I do not need the Nvidia GPU and a failed Nvidia GPU fan will not affect me and my laptop.

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20-11-2023 21:22 PM

You cannot bypass the error other than by replacing the faulty fan.

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