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December 2nd, 2023 01:51

Dula monitor connection


I have a Inspiron 15 3501 (I223JBL) and I am trying to connect 2 monitors to it.

One of the monitors has a hdmi cable and the other a VGA cable.

I have bought a USB3.0 to HDMI and VGA adapter but its not working.

Are you able to advise what my options are to be able to connect the two monitors.  I need to work on both screens independently (excel on one screen and accounting software on the other).  It is not necessary form me to work on the third screen (laptop).

I live in Australia and the stores I have gone to are unable to assist.

Thankyou in advance


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December 2nd, 2023 02:56

A USB 3.0 adapter would need to support displaylink (not all do;  price is one indicator, as a cheap sub-$20 adapter won't) -- these are generally in the $70 and up range.

The system itself has no capability to output video over USB, which is why the displaylink support is needed.

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