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01-08-2020 17:00 PM

how to turn off Fn lock

I dont know how, but one day the Fn lock turned on and I dont know how to turn it off. Ive tried holding the Fn key and Esc button since it has the little lock icon, but that didnt work. Any other suggestions?

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04-08-2023 21:00 PM

Helpful Video:

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02-08-2020 07:00 AM

@JocelynBB  Fn+Esc should work, but you could try going into your BIOS Setup to see if there's an option to set the default behavior of the F keys there.

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01-03-2023 05:00 AM

Is it a Dell Laptop?   If yes, just remove the battery, leave unpowered for 4 minutes, re-install the battery and start as normal.

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04-03-2023 21:00 PM

thanks a lot