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May 18th, 2024 05:27

Inspiron 3847

I have an Inspiron 3847 Desktop computer and was wanting to upgrade it. The upgrades I am wanting to do are install a better cpu, more and better ram, a better psu with higher wattage, a better graphics card, and a high storage ssd. I was wondering what the limitations are for upgrades on this motherboard. I do not intend on changing the motherboard ever as this computer is more or less just a starter. I figure that the ssd wouldn't have a limitations, but that it wouldn't hurt to ask. These are what I am looking at getting and installing. Will they be compatible and work?
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May 18th, 2024 06:41

For the query of this thread, yes.  It seems like you have done quite some research and finding all compatible parts for your upgrade plan.  Technically, they are compatible parts for your upgrade plan.  However, the Inspiron 3847 with upgraded components will not give you good return for the investment you put in.

For example, with the cost of i7-4790K + Yeston R7 350, you can purchase a whole complete Dell Precision 3620 system with much stronger components and performance:  i7-7700K + Quadro P4000 + 16 GB RAM + 256 GB NVMe SSD + 4 TB HDD + Win 11.  All for $312 plus shipping.

Please note that it's just an example to prove a point, not the best price found or a recommended system.  Just want to point out the upgrade budget can well spent for a lot more than current plan.

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18-05-2024 15:07 PM

@Chino de Oro​ Thank you. I did not realize I could get something that much better for such a low price.

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