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May 26th, 2024 00:26

N7110 laptop - anyway to auto boot after power failure?

My battery is no longer holding charge. I only use the laptop as a desktop so it is constantly plugged in. But after power failure, I need to manually turn it on. I checked bios and it doesn't have the power option to turn on the laptop after power failure. (No, UPS not an option as it won't work for a prolonged power failure. I need to remote access to this laptop as I'm not there physically all the time.) 

Just updated to A13 bios (2020). Checked msinfo32 and shows Bios mode is legacy.  Using win 10 home O/S.

Not sure if anything else can be done. (for example can I convert from legacy to UEFI and will they give me the ac recovery options?) 

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May 26th, 2024 00:28

I don't think UEFI is an option for a system this old.  

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May 26th, 2024 01:08

Re:  My battery is no longer holding charge.

Your other option is replacing a working battery that will continue to provide power during outage.  If the occurrence of power outage is expected, use a proper device for the setup such as a desktop.

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