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March 29th, 2022 22:00

MECM and driver updating problem

Hi all

i trying updating drivers by MECM to our desktop and NB.

Some drivers still failed and retry.


We have last driverpack for Dell OptiPlex 3050.

It report Realtek PCIe Ethernet Controller Driver,2.43.2017.727,A14 is required.

But this driver is allready installed from driver pack from dell.

Same is with DBUtil Removal Utility, it still failed and reinstall loop.




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March 29th, 2022 22:00

Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution. In the meantime, you may also receive assistance or suggestions from the community members.

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October 4th, 2022 23:00

Fix SCCM Update Stuck Downloading State
We will now look at the steps to resolve SCCM update stuck in downloading state. The below screenshot illustrates the case where the in-console update is stuck in Downloading State. The status of update remains in downloading state for a long time, but the update never gets downloaded.

If the SCCM update is stuck in downloading state for a long time, the best way to resolve this issue is to use the CMUpdate Reset Tool. To use the SCCM update reset tool, you will need the Package GUID of the update. Please read the following guide to get the package GUID of SCCM update.

Fix SCCM Update Stuck Downloading State
Get Package GUID | Fix SCCM Update Stuck Downloading State
When the SCCM in-console update downloads, the setup files are located in a folder called EasySetupPayload. The EasySetupPayload folder is located in ConfigMgr Installation directory.

If you go to EasySetupPayload folder, you will find a folder with name that matches the Package GUID. If you check the folder size it shows 0 bytes. This means the SCCM update package is not downloaded yet.


EasySetupPayload Folder
SCCM Update Package Size
CMUpdate Reset Tool Options
Using SCCM update reset tool, you can either reset the update that has download problems or force delete the problematic SCCM update package.


The CMUpdateReset utility is located in ConfigMgr_Installation\cd.latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS folder of the site server. SCCM administrators should have access to this folder location to use this tool.

You can reset an SCCM update that is stuck in downloading state with following steps. First, run the command prompt as administrator and change the path to CMUpdateReset folder. Run the CMUpdateReset.exe (also called as CMUpdate Reset Tool) and that will show you the tool usage options or examples.

cmupdatereset tool options
CMUpdate Reset Tool to Fix SCCM Update Stuck Downloading State

The below information is useful to run the CMUpdate reset tool all describing the options and parameters that you can use to reset the update.

Microsoft (R) System Center Configuration Manager Update Reset Tool
Copyright (C) 2019 Microsoft. All rights reserved.

Usage: Run CMUpdateReset.exe on any server. The User who runs the tool must have administrator rights on all site servers and on the service connection point server.
[-S SQL Server FQDN of the top-level site]
[-I SQL Server instance name, optional for the default instance]
[-D Database name]
[-P Package GUID]
[-FDELETE Force deletion of the package]
[-? Show syntax summary]

Example to run the default CMUpdateReset.exe:
CMUpdateReset.exe -S -D CM_XYZ -P 61F16B3C-F1F6-4F9F-8647-2A524B0C802C
CMUpdateReset.exe -S -I MyInstance -D CM_XYZ -P 61F16B3C-F1F6-4F9F-8647-2A524B0C802C

Example to force delete the package:
CMUpdateReset.exe -FDELETE -S -D CM_XYZ -P 61F16B3C-F1F6-4F9F-8647-2A524B0C802C
CMUpdateReset.exe -FDELETE -S -I MyInstance -D CM_XYZ -P 61F16B3C-F1F6-4F9F-8647-2A524B0C802C

Do not restart SMS_EXECUTIVE service if the tool is used to reinitiate replication. If the tool is used to clean up and redownload the package, you must restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service or Check for Updates in console, after successfully running the tool.
CMUpdate Reset tool can be used in two ways:


You can reset an update (If the update is stuck downloading).
If the first method doesn’t work, you can force delete the problematic package. This will ensure the new update package is downloaded in the console.
Whenever you want to fix SCCM update stuck downloading state, always try resetting the update first. This is a safer option. However, if you still see the ConfigMgr update stuck in downloading state, try force deleting the package.

In my case, I did an update reset and based on the CMUpdate reset tool output, the update package that was stuck in downloading state was reset, and it was successful.

Successfully ran the CMUpdateReset.exe tool. If the tool deleted the package (check Updates and Servicing to see if the package is listed). You must restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service on the top-level site. Or, use Check for Updates in console to re-download the package.




Rachel Gomez

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October 5th, 2022 00:00

Hi sorry but you don't get real problem. Its not problem of downloading drivers but problem is in driver package. Wrong detection rule and wrong definition.

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