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October 3rd, 2023 16:52

maximum port channel per VLT domain

Hi all,

I am new to Dell and i am ttying to set up in GNS3 a lab where i have an VLT domainand i try to create 2 vlt port channels between the 2 vlt-peers and 2 different cisco switches. SW1 and sw2 are DEll and Server and Core are iou_l2

 I create the first po and all is good. Problem is that when i create the second port channel (eg between vlt and core) the first one goes down. Is is a GNS bug or vlt domain can't support 2 vlt-port channels between different and-devices?

Thanks in advance



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October 4th, 2023 01:23

Hello thanks for choosing Dell.
I'm suspecting this is a firmware version issue. Could you please bring it up to date latest ( to fix the said issues?

And maximum 9 ports and 9 port-channels can be used in GNS3.


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October 4th, 2023 15:52

@DELL-Young E​ thanks for the answer it was a problem with the GNS cisco images

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