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December 1st, 2023 05:01

N2200-ON Series

can we still purches n2200-on series switch. 
if we want to sitck with n3248-on can we use n2200-on series. 



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December 1st, 2023 09:52

Hello, I saw that it is still for sale on the Dell website. For example, here, but this may vary from country to country. Dell EMC Networking N2200 Series 24 & 48 Port PoE Switches | Dell UK As the technical team, I would not like to comment on sales. You can get better information from the local sales team or Dell partners. If I understand correctly, your other question is about stacking N2200-ON with N3248-ON. Unfortunately, you cannot stack them with each other.

"You can only stack N2000 switches with N2000 switches and N3000 switches with N3000 switches. An N2024 will not stack an N3024." Dell EMC Networking How to stack N2000 or N3000 Switches | Dell Canada

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