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October 24th, 2023 02:01

S4048T-ON and S4112T-ON Fan and Temperature Sensor OID

Hi team,

I have been struggling to find the OID of both this sensor. I already use snmpwalk and mib browsing to both of this switch. I scroll for a long time, sadly I couldn't find it. It does show fan unit so on but it does not deliver the value to monitor this component. If u can provide the OID for both this item for both devices, I would been grateful. Thanks in advance. 



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October 24th, 2023 08:37

Hi, I found below value Could you check them pls? reference link:    chStackUnitTemp                       LEAF   Gauge32 read-only    chStackUnitNumFanTrays                LEAF   Integer32 read-only         chSysFanTrayTable                     NODE       chSysFanTrayEntry                     NODE     chSysFanTrayIndex                     LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysFanTrayOperStatus                LEAF   INTEGER read-only
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