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September 8th, 2022 10:00

Part Numbers

Hello, I really hope someone can help.

Why is Dell so bad with part numbers? Yes, you can look up the System Configuration and just maybe find it, but why is it so confusing?

Looking at the second picture, you would first think 391-BEJJ is the part number.

Oh no, expand that branch and there is 7 different numbers shown, two of which may be the LCD.

They don't sell a complete LCD assembly, as I've been told. 

Why is a WWAN door even shown here?

I even called tech support for this system, and he didn't even know what all the information shown meant.

Plus, parts can have three or four different numbers for the same item!

Does someone know of an easier way, other than taking things apart or calling support?

Thank you kindly.


system config expandedsystem config expandedsystem configsystem config

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September 8th, 2022 14:00

Agreed it is confusing.

391-BEJJ is the Dell seven digit parent sales SKU number. A sales SKU number has multiple five digit child part numbers. Notice the description of 391-BEJJ shows = Panel, Non-Touch, Camera, Mic, WLAN/WWAN

When you open SKU 391-BEJJ, you see every child part number associated with the LCD assembly, including WWAN door.

You do not state it but I am assuming that you are looking for the five digit part number for the LCD itself? That would be MTN3G = LCD,15.6FHD,WVA,AG,BENT,BOE

Correct, it is not for sale.

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