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October 28th, 2022 08:00

Spam for Indian or Indian-related web sites


This month I have seen many spam messages masquerading as legit posts. They are always from new forum accounts and always linking to sites in India or related to India.

Some are posts in new threads created by the suspect account. Some are posts in other members' existing threads. Some posts seem to discuss the topic of the thread, but link to an irrelevant Indian site, while some posts don't seem to fit at all with the thread discussion.

Here's one example:

JOcean replied to that latest thread. I've replied to others, thinking that they were legitimate support requests. They waste our time, since the poster doesn't want help, as the specific issue is merely a pretext to post the spam link.

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October 29th, 2022 07:00

When you see these, just send us a private message. We will then assign it to the eClerx team who will delete the post, then ban the user.

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