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May 14th, 2021 23:00

Unable to change my Avatar? #5

Embarrassing for you guys, I'd say! This duplicate problem has persisted for years from what I can see reading all this thread.  If possible, please change my avatar to the picture I'm inserting here. 

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May 16th, 2021 12:00

The ability to add a "custom" avatar is based on user roles. So as you move up in role, you get the ability. I have changed it for you.

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May 15th, 2021 00:00

Timed out here. Upon refresh, I couldn't edit my previous; so this "reply" intends to request your updating my profile picture if possible. It's available for you via this link:!Ap6SuR6y_kgdg6YesTJqM9pvnSCfZA?e=6QsDtk


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