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28-09-2023 18:59 PM

Dell Optiplex 7000 CPU change

Seems the 13th Generation Intel processors are not supported by the Dell Optiplex 7000 Minitower, with the system utilizing the latest BIOS drivers and updates. Is this true? The board that my system uses (0KN5W4) will not power on, switching from i7-12700 to i5-13500. BIOS is up to date, upon boot with dual 8GB DDR5/4800 sticks the system flashes a memory error. Removing one stick from the secondary slot, the system will sit and try to initialize but no progress. The board uses the Q670 chipset which supports the 13th Generation Intel processors. 

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28-09-2023 20:03 PM

Yeah, the OptiPlex 7000 series supports 12th gen processors only.

For 13th gen CPU, Dell has it available with new models of OptiPlex 7010 series.

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28-09-2023 23:52 PM

c/w chino.  from the official intel release: 

The Intel® 600 Series Chipset is a scalable chipset designed for motherboards that support the 12th Gen and the recent 13th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors. A key component to maintaining this broad compatibility while enabling processor innovations on the platform is the motherboard BIOS.

Intel® 600 Series chipset-based motherboards require a BIOS update to boot the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors. Intel® recommends that you update the BIOS on your Intel® 600 Series Chipset-based systems for compatibility before using the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors.

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28-09-2023 23:54 PM

Dell does not update bios.  this is Dell's old habit that many users had complained about.  Dell just does not listen.  it is more profitable to push sell a new model than letting user update older model.