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September 25th, 2023 15:50

Optiplex 3000 Thin Client Wi-Fi issues

OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client

OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client

So we got in an order of around 5 brand new Dell Optiplex 3000 thin clients and all of them have an issue with either the wi-fi card not staying connected to our internet, or we will get into the RDP session and once we click on a few programs, the thin client will disconnect from the internet and kick us out of the session.

Either of these things have happened to all 5 of these thin clients we ordered. We have ordered this same thin client before and have a couple that work perfectly fine with no issues. We even sent one of them in for repairs (I have since sent in two more) and they replaced the wifi card and we are still running into issues

Could it be possible Dell got a bad batch of  wifi cards or are we just missing something here? I hope someone can help us with this since it has been a very frustrating process.

Thank You

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