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09-03-2022 09:00 AM

Optiplex 5250 AIO M.2 SSD Screw


Question about the Optiplex 5250 All-in-One:

If it was ordered without the optional M.2 SSD, is there a screw in place on the motherboard to mount the M.2 SSD later?

Also, the owners manual,, neglects to mention what the specs of the mounting screw are.

Anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

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10-03-2022 08:00 AM


But if the AIO wasn't ordered with the M.2 SSD to begin with, do they put the screw in anyway? or do the beancounters say no?


8 Wizard


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10-03-2022 08:00 AM


Usually on Dell models the screw is M2  3mm and its phillips that is threaded in the center. That way you can move from 2230 to 2280 etc for different size drives.

Very hard to see.

M2 SSD  Screws B08ZD81HDR


Dell M2 Standoff.png


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15-03-2022 13:00 PM


So I was at one of the sites that has the 5250 AIO today, so I opened it up, and no, it does not have the SSD screw. I'm shocked! Not. The standoff for 2230 is also missing, you'd have to move the 2280 to the 2230 position. That's OK, I plan on adding a 512GB which is usually 2280.

So you're saying the correct screw that goes inside the standoff screw to hold down the SSD is M2 x 3 mm?