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September 15th, 2023 18:29

c6420 physical console

I have a C6400 with 4x C6420s.  I am trying to connect a physical console to the mini-DP, but I am unable to get a signal.   I have tried a miniDP to VGA (active) and a miniDP to HDMI with no luck.  I have tried connecting before powering on the sled, and connecting after power has been on for a few minutes.

Is this a Dell specific dongle or should this work with any miniDP connectors? 

Thank You



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18-09-2023 07:18 AM

Hello thanks for choosing Dell. What do you see through idrac virtual console? Could you upload some images on that?


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18-09-2023 14:43 PM

I don't have access to the idrac yet as the dedicated nic was moved to shared on the sfp+ ports.   Is it possible for the idrac to disable the physical console port?



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18-09-2023 15:17 PM



You can indeed disable the MicroUSB management port under iDrac Settings - Settings - Mgmt USB Settings, as described on page 297 here


Hope this helps answer your question.



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