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August 28th, 2014 05:00

Dell PowerEdge T20 xeon - Multi-Display (bios setting)


I discovered that I can use both the integrated intel graphics chip and a dedicated pci-e nvidia gpu at the same time by changing the bios option: Multi-Display" -> "Enable Multi-Display". But I have a few questions regarding that setting:

1) Are both chips fully enabled, meaning can I use all three display connectors on the integrated intel chip (2xDP + 1VGA) in conjunction with the three connections on my nvidia gpu (2xDVI + 1HDMI) to get a total of 6 monitors for multi-monitor use?

2) How can I determine which gpu is calculating what? For instance, when I am starting a video game I want it executed by the nvidia dedicated gpu.

3) I have read* that this feature can also be used with a Linux OS, does it work like it does in windows, are there known constraints? (*src: )

Thank you.

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