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February 9th, 2024 20:32

Clearing warning (Non-critical) after to change hard disk.

Hello, I wish you are great.

Recently I changed an hard disk on my Blade Server M620 (Chassis M1000e). The disk was certified by Dell and the RAID rebuild correctly.

When I connect to iDRAC web interface, I did not receive any warning or alert and I saw the health of the all components are correct. 

Physical Disks are Ok.

Virtual Disk is Ok.

Controller is Ok.

This is the first disk:

And it is the second disk:

The problem is when I requested SNMPWalk of the objects: .

Sent GET request to : 161
globalSystemStatus.0 nonCritical(4)
systemLCDStatus.0 ok(3)
globalStorageStatus.0 nonCritical(4)
systemPowerState.0 on(4)
systemPowerUpTime.0 10283031

I received a value "NonCritical(4)", I read about it and it is a warning with the disk.

When I used racadm tool I received this result:

I do not use foreign configuration and I use the last firmware of RAID Controller.

Dell PERC H710 Mini Blades firmware release 21.3.5-0002.

How can I clear this warning? I think it is a sync issue between CMC card and iDRAC.

Thank you very much for your answers.





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February 12th, 2024 10:55


please can you check also that iDRAC and CMC firmware are up to date?

Try also to reset the idrac.

And also can you reset the idrac using racadm sel clear


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