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November 29th, 2023 11:35

Dell PowerEdge R620 compatible PCIe SAS Controllers

We have a PowerEdge R620 currently maxed with 8x 1.2TB SAS drives.

Been considering expanding the storage, looked up compatible controller cards, and ended up with:

- PERC H810: compatible according to all documentation

- PERC H830: Doesn't claim compatibility with the R620 but the R630. I'm wondering if it could be supported with the latest firmware updates

- T93GB 12Gbps SAS HA: seems to also be compatible with the R630 but I don't see anything about the R620.

Does anyone know about this? Thank you.



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November 29th, 2023 15:48



The only supported controller out of the 3 you listed would be the H810. As you stated the others are intended for newer servers. 


Let me know if this helps.


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November 30th, 2023 15:31

Hi Chris, thank you for your reply.

Well, I understand what was published on the technical sheet when the device was launched, but other than that documentation, I would like to understand if they really aren't compatible.

The Dell R620 packs 3 PCI 3.0 slots, however the H810 is only PCIe 2.0. The others mentioned are 3.0. So I would like to know, aside from the docs, is it really not supported?

Because there are some inconsistencies on the docs as well, for example the R620 claims to only support up to RAID 5, but then you have the option for RAID6.

I just wasn't feeling like buying a card to test if anyone here could confirm. Thanks.



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30-11-2023 03:44 PM

When I say that it isn't supported, it doesn't mean it deffinetly won't work, just that it isn't listed, nor tested, on that server. That being said, I couldn't tell you how or if it would function. 


As far as the docs, I am not certain but think the limitation you are referring to is when configuring raid through the lifecycle controller in the Deploy OS process, as there is no limitation on raid at the server level, just the controller level. 



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