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October 23rd, 2023 16:27

Dell R640 and Seagate Exos ST2000NX0253 Drives

We have a R640 with a Dell PERC740P mini Controller.

Currently we have a raid 5 array using 2Tb ST2000NX0423 Seagate Drives (official Dell fw NB33)

I wanted to add to this by adding a new 2TB drive to act as a hot spare. 

I have added a brand new 2Tb ST2000NX0253 Seagate exos drive and from what i can see the spec is identical to the existing drives however the controller refuses to allow it and keeps marking it as failed, I have tried the change to the stsvc.ini file as this is a non certified drive but no joy, Is there an issue here I'm missing or have i just got a Dud drive.

The PERCH740P Mini is on fw : 51.16.0-5150

BIOS 2.19.1


Existing Drives 2Tb ST2000NX0423 fw:NB33

New Drive 2Tb ST2000NX0253 fw:SN05



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October 23rd, 2023 20:58

Hello Stuart,


Non-certified just means it's not a Dell drive. Typically it could work if it is the same technology and capacity but because it a non-Dell drive, it may not work. Dell doesn't guarantee it to work.


You indicated it is marked failed.

Try running the built in diagnostics and check results.

Boot to  F11 on Dell Splash screen, selecting  Boot Manager -> System Utilities -> Launch Dell Diagnostics.  Note any messages and continue testing.


Also take a review of the LifeCycle Controller (LCC) log <F10> on boot up to enter the LCC. Do you see any errors or faults for drives?


You may want to try to get identical drive as existing drive, if possible.


October 24th, 2023 14:18

Looks like a dud drive 

SMART Attribute Id SMART Attribute Name Raw Value Normalized Value
1 Read Error Rate 78087316 79
3 Spin Up Time 0 93
4 Start/Stop Count 33 100
5 Retired Sectors Count 8 100
7 Seek Error Rate 7817409 69
9 Power On Hours 193 100
10 Spin Retry Count 0 100
12 Drive Power Cycle Count 12 100
184 IOEDC Count 0 100
187 Reported Un-correctable 0 100
188 Command Timeout 4295032833 100
189 High Fly Writes 0 100
190 Airflow Temperature 656867367 61
191 Shock Sensor Counter 0 100
192 Emergency Retract Count 14947 93
193 Load-Unload Count 14951 93
194 Temperature 73014444071 39
195 ECC On The Fly Count 78087316 4
197 Pending-Sparing Count 8 100
198 Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count 8 100
199 Ultra DMA CRC Error 0 200
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