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November 30th, 2023 10:45

R320 - PCIe Training Error: Integrated RAID

Hi all,

I have an R320 that has developed the boot error "PCIe Training Error: Integrated RAID" on a routine reboot.

I already suspect I know the answer, but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone could shed any light on it.

I have already:
- Removed the RAID card (H310 Mini) and reseated = Same error

- Removed the RAID card and rebooted = No Error and boot completes

- Tried a (known working) H710 Mini in its place = Same error

- Updated BIOS to latest version available (2.6.0) = Same error

- Cleared BIOS and done the hold power down 10 seconds = Same error

At this stage I can only assume a motherboard fault, but happy to hear any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.



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November 30th, 2023 15:08



Would you confirm if there are any other errors being displayed around the training error, as well as if the server is up to date?

Also, would you confirm if you have a known good controller we could test the server with, or another r320 we could test the controller in?


Let me know what you see. 



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November 30th, 2023 15:27

Hello @DELL-Chris H thanks for replying.

No other errors, it halts at that one. As mentioned, I already tried another controller and the same error persists. The controller works in another server.

Have tried a PCIe RAID controller in the same a server and that also works.

Seems motherboard related?



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30-11-2023 03:32 PM

It would appear that is indeed the issue, it appears to be with the slot the controlelr installes into. 


DELL-Chris H

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December 2nd, 2023 19:19


can you try the same h310 on other server? if no error comes up, As per your performed troubleshooting, it points out towards the slot. Could be the motherboard issue.



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