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April 3rd, 2024 00:06

UEFI0116 error

please help me troubleshoot my problem



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April 3rd, 2024 11:21

Hello, what is your server model and Coudl you gşve us more information about your issue? 

in generic, I can suggest below steps:

Do you happen to know what caused the improper shutdown? The most common cause for the UEFI0116 error is a disk drive issue. Could you check if any of the hard drives have amber lights?

Before trying any other troubleshooting steps, I would recommend performing a flea power drain. This involves shutting down the system, disconnecting power and network cables, and then holding in the power button for 20 seconds without any cords connected. After the flea power drain, let the system sit for 3 minutes to allow the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) to reset without any power plugged in. Then, plug in the network cable and power cord, but wait for 2 minutes before powering on to give the DRAC time to initialize. After performing these steps, check if the system boots up normally.

If you are able to access the F2 BIOS setup after performing the flea power drain, it is possible that the boot mode might have changed to BIOS. In that case, changing the boot mode to UEFI in the BIOS setup could help.

If you have already performed the flea power drain and the issue persists, I would recommend taking the server to its minimum configuration for troubleshooting. This means removing everything from the server except for the system board, one power supply unit (and the PIB if applicable), the control panel with cable, one processor (CPU) in socket CPU1, and one memory module (DIMM) installed in socket A1. Power on the server in this minimal configuration and see if it clears the post. If it does, power down and then individually add the removed devices until the issue reappears, identifying the cause.


Hope that helps!

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