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November 20th, 2023 15:06

About mounting a single folder to 4 servers in PowerVault Series.

We are planning to buy PowerVault ME5024 series San Storage. We are planning a 3.84 TB configuration with 16+2 ADAPT. However, there are 4 Dell Servers in our structure. These servers will be in a diskless structure except for the disks where the operating system is installed. We plan to connect the virtual disks that we will create in the pool on the storage to the servers with fiber channel. We want to automatically map the Home directory that we will create on the Storage on all servers to all servers. With PowerVault Me series, can we mount a single virtual disk as a home folder to 4 pieces or servers without any problem?

thankyou for support.

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November 20th, 2023 18:26

Thats easy for the ME5 like for every external Storage.... because the problem sits on the other end of the cable. Your Servers needs a Clustered Filesystem  like   VMFS (from VMware) or CSV (Microsoft).

If you use plain NTFS or every other NON Clustered FS the servers will overwrite each other and will mess up the File Allocation Table or BootRecord within seconds. This is how Block storage will work. If you really want a "Folder"... you need a NAS and not a Block Only Storage.



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