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November 20th, 2023 08:21

PowerVault MD1400 end of support life?

We're thinking of purchasing a PowerVault MD1400 but would like to know what its end of support life date is? We don't seem to be able to find this information on Dell's support pages nor on any of the other EOSL lists published on the internet.



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November 20th, 2023 13:44

Hi, there’s no specific documentation available that provides the End of Life and End of Support Life dates for PowerVault storages. Typically, these storages are supported for around 5-7 years, but this can vary based on hardware availability and local legal regulatory. You can verify the support status of each storage on the Dell support site: [here]. To do this, input the server’s service tag, navigate to the service event tab, deselect the “Only show active events” option, and you’ll be able to see the End of Service Life date. This is the only information that’s currently accessible as I know. Other than that you can ask your local sales team to find certain EOSL dates for your products. 

I found this sheet file but PV MD series is not include Dell End-of-Life Documents for Converged Infrastructure, Midrange and Enterprise Storage, and Storage Networking Products | Dell US

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