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February 7th, 2024 20:29

Reduce MPIO Path replacement/failover time? (ME4 Series)

Is anyone here aware of any Dell recommended settings for decreasing the amount of time Windows Server takes to failover to another available path? I have come across a few things (unrelated to Dell) that suggest making various registry edits to achieve 1 second path replacement! In my testing so far, it takes 30 seconds regardless of what MPIO settings I have configured (Set-MPIOSetting). We'll be deploying a ME4024 very soon. 

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February 9th, 2024 14:58

Future readers . . . I found this ME4 series best practices guide for Hyper-V.

It states the following:

Changes to MPIO registry settings on the Windows or Hyper-V host (such as time-out values) should not be made unless directed by ME4 Series documentation, or unless directed by Dell EMC support to solve a specific problem.
I've combed through all the official documentation I could find on the ME4 series storage array and there is no guidance on making changes to MPIO registry settings. 



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February 8th, 2024 08:57

Hi, there are two articles that mention a few settings for optimizing the MPIO performance.

Recommended multipathing (MPIO) settings | Dell PowerVault ME5 Series: VMware vSphere Best Practices | Dell Technologies Info Hub

Dell EMC SC Series: Microsoft Multipath IO Best Practices


from Microsoft side, I found some commands to change MPIO settings Set-MPIOSetting (MPIO) | Microsoft Learn


Hope that helps!

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