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May 5th, 2024 13:44

Dell Precision 7920 Tower boot loop when Nvidia Tesla P100 is installed.

Hi all . I have a Dell Precision 7920 workstation with 2x xeon gold 6140 cpu and 4x 32 gb ram . by default I have 1 Nvidia RTX A 2000 12 gb video card for the monitors . but I wanted to install 2 more Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs . the computer has 1 1400w power supply . when I have only 1 or 2 P100s installed the machine won't start . A BOIS loop is created . But what I don't understand is why ? anybody have any idea ? I have searched a lot on the net and it is quite disappointing the incompatibility of Dell machines and Tesla cards . The company could really do something about this .

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May 5th, 2024 19:28


as nvidia itself clearly wrote

How to install drivers or boot with Tesla P100 on a workstation - CUDA / CUDA Setup and Installation - NVIDIA Developer Forums

the P100 is not meant to work on a workstation. So, if it works on some motherboards/bios , is by luck.

So... is not that the dell machine is incompatible. It's not supposed that you install it, and that's all. It's a card meant for a server motherboard

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