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September 26th, 2023 11:48

Install an NVMe SSD on a Precision 5820 tower


I have a Precision 5820 tower that came with 2 NVMe SSD disks on the FlexBay. I have been talking to Technical Support in my country (Spain) to find out how to install a third NVMe SSD, but they have been so far unable to find a way. I am shocked that the 5820 is marketed as a highly upgradeable machine but no one in Tech Support seems knowledgeable on how to do it. Also, I am surprised that, despite having identified my machine through its service tag, Tech Support cannot retrieve its original configuration to suggest the necessary parts. I've been a Dell customer for 20+ years and as far as I know their customer service used to be way better than this.

Anyway, I purchased an M.2 NVMe SSD from Dell's web site, assuming that installing it would be piece of cake. I was wrong. It seems that the 5820 only admits 2 NVMe SSDs on the FlexBay. So, is there an alternative way to install it on my 5820, even if it's not on the FlexBay?

Many thanks.

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26-09-2023 12:35 PM

You can easily add more NVMe SSD drives to the 5820 using Dell Ultra-Speed adapter.  

If you have trouble sourcing the Dell adapter, you can use easy to find Asus Hyper adapter.  Remember to install it on a PCIe x16 slot for all 4 drives to work (slot 4).

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26-09-2023 14:27 PM

Thank you. I will order an adapter as you suggest.

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30-10-2023 18:21 PM

You need the Intel RAID driver to enable the PCIe bifurcation. Probably installed by default by Dell, but if you've done a clean Windows install it's at

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