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February 5th, 2024 03:33

Precision 5820 HDD bay configuration

Hi All,

I have a Dell Precision 5820 workstation that has 2x NVMe drives and 2x3.5" hot swap bays.

Am I able to swap out one of the NVMe to a 3.5" bay?  

Cannot see how to easily pull out the NVMe - obviously the NVMe drive is easy to get out but the caddy sitting in the bay not so easy.... 

Hope this makes sense... ?

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February 5th, 2024 05:45

While you can swap out the M.2 flexbay module with a 3.5" drive bracket, a hard drive will not work with the NVMe backplane.  To remove the flexbay module, insert a paperclip to a small hole on the bottom of the module and push to release the lock while pulling the whole module out. 

In another word, no, you can not use 3.5" hard drive in NVMe flexbay.


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February 7th, 2024 04:30

Yep, found a video eventually on how to remove the NVMe bay. 

Was able to put a 3.5" caddy (with drive) in but orange LED flashes and not present in BIOS or OS.

Connectors on the back of NVMe bay is different to SATA even though SATA fits into it..... 

So now looks like I need to find a 5.25 caddy and 5.25 to 3.25 adapter.....

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February 7th, 2024 05:17

That will work.  You can even use something like this for hot swap 3.5" HDD.

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