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December 5th, 2020 09:00

Precision T7810 PSU Upgrade

I have a Precision Tower 7810. I just bought RTX3080 Graphic Card. It needs 2x8Pin power connectors. Around 320W. My current PSU is 825 W is not enough. I want to upgrade it & i need your advices. Which to fit ? : /

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December 9th, 2020 06:00

Dell MF4N5 6MKJ9 0T6R7 1300w Power supply DELL T7910 T5810 T7810 T7610

Safe connections would use 2X sata power for each 6 pin

You should have ONE  cable with 2 6 pin that goes into an 8 pin.

The other 2 X 6 pin to 8 PIN comes from 4 SATA Power connections.

I'm getting the 1300w unit for mine so I dont have to worry that it will DIE and FRY. There are lots of separate extra Sata power connections inside.

DO NOT BUY a single sata to 8 pin. Those are not safe.

cutting corners on safety to save $12 can cost you your life when it burns the house down.  4 wires is minimum safe margin for the connector. This is because each 6 pin is rated at 6.25 amps and each 8 pin has a 12.5 amps rating for 12v


Each wire has a max current rating which is why do DO NOT just double up what you have the other wayEach wire has a max current rating which is why do DO NOT just double up what you have the other way


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December 5th, 2020 17:00

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December 9th, 2020 04:00

Thanks for the reply sir.
But GPU needs 2x8pin cables coming from PSU which i dont have. I just have a free 8pin for PCI-e.
And if i use "8pin to double 8pin adapter" the system shuts down under GPU overload. Everbody suggests two seperate cables.
If i unmount the optical drive and the harddrives and i use a "double sata to 8pin adapter" maybe it would work. But i dont know it sounds risky to me using sata power for GPU.
So yeah, 825W looks enough but there is no proper tool to connect.


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July 17th, 2021 10:00

Does this 1300 watt PSU work in the 7810? Is it safe?

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July 17th, 2021 11:00

There is no link or photo as to the PSU you're referring to.  If you're referring to a PSU speedstep recommends, then it's safe.

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February 9th, 2023 01:00

Hi Bro, can u pls specify, are u using 1300W PSU with Dell T7810?

I have T7810 with 825W PSU and want to change it with 1300W.

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February 9th, 2023 12:00

Speedstep hasn't been on this forum since mid-Sept. 2022.  I do know he knew what he was talking about as he owned Precision's himself.

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February 26th, 2023 20:00

@regonsite: Hello! I also have the same intention. Has anyone been running a 1300w power supply with MB T7810. Do they have video images to attest to that? Thank

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February 27th, 2023 17:00

The 1300w (10-rail) power supply uses a different power distribution board than the 825w (7-rail) or 685w (5-rail.)  The T5810 and T7810 boards have two 10-pin CPU connectors, one ATX connector and one 8 pin VGA connector.  You can use one of the CPU connectors to power a GPU with an appropriate cable.  This power distribution board will accept at most 7 rails of power from a PSU. You can plug the 1300w PSU into the board and it will work, however, you won't get more power from the unit than with the 825w - unless you change the power distribution board and associated wiring.

The above link provides more information on the difficulties in drawing the 1300 watts of power from the supply with the 5810/7810 distribution boards.

The T7910 has a power distribution board that can use all 1300w and could probably be swapped into a T5810 or T7810 with a significant amount of effort.  It has three 8-pin VGA connectors.

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February 27th, 2023 19:00

I'm no longer sure about my comment above about not being able to draw more power from the 1300w unit.  It likely depends on how the PSU connects to the power distribution board and how much power could be drawn from the 8pin connector and the 10pin connectors.  Each rail could supply up to 18A x 12V = 216w of power, up to the limits listed on the power supply.  In theory, you might be able to draw 1300w from 7 rails but it might be better for the PSU to have a max sustained power draw divided as evenly as possible among the 10 rails rather than letting 3 of them sit unused.  It's not clear to me how much could be drawn from one 10-pin connector or one 8-pin connector on the distribution board. 

I have a 1300w PSU running in a Precision 5810 that uses the same distribution board as the 7810.  Right now I don't have a high-powered video card to test it out a max power draw scenario but the 1300w unit powers my RTX 3060 with 1x8pin connector just fine.  I have noticed occasional coil whine from my unit and have wondered if that is caused from not using 3 of the rails or if the unit just sat unused too long before I bought it in the used market.

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